Step 1: Hit Menu. 

***Make sure you have Wireless Module Attached. (highlighted in yellow)

 Step 2: Use arrow Key to go to WLAN

Step 3: Click on highlighted green box to get drop down Menu

Step 3: Click on highlighted green box to get drop down Menu

Step 4: Select Access Point and hit okay. Then hit the Enter button on the Restart the wireless LAN(highlighted in Yellow) and wait for it to restart.


Step 5: Now, you will get a screen similar to the one above. Here is where you set your name and if you want, a password. The SSID Input (highlighted in red) is where you choose the name of the GL240/840 so you can select it from the GL100. Next you will select Encryption method (highlighted in Yellow), which is where you select how secure your password is, this will also bring up an extra column of where you can put in a password. 

After these parameters have been set, Hit Apply settings (highlighted in Green) and we are now done with the GL240/840 for now and will now be grabbing the GL100.

Step 6: Now we are working from the GL100, when powered on, your start screen will look similar to this depending on the sensor connected. From here hit the MENU button highlighted in red.

Step 7: Now Hit the Left arrow Key to switch MENUs until you are at the I/F menu.

Step 8: You will want to set the WLAN mode (highlighted in red) to Station. Then Set your SSID and Security setting (highlighted in yellow) to the same as you set your GL240/840 too.

Step 9: After you have set everything up from step 8, press QUIT on your GL100 to return to the main screen. From here you should now see LAN (highlighted in red), this will indicate that you are now connected to the GL240/840. From here we now go back to where we left off on the GL240/840. 

Step 10: Now that you are back to your screen you left off on the GL240/840, go down to the Wireless sensor settings (highlighted in red) and select it to get menu.

Step 11: From here select connection to On (highlighted in red). Then go over to search (highlighted in yellow) and it will search and find your GL100 sensor, from there select it. Then hit OK (highlighted in green). Now if you go to the AMP (highlighted in Blue) menu there will be one more step. 

Step 12: Once back to the AMP MENU, you can toggle between displays, if you hit the DISP (highlighted in red) you will get a drop down menu to select. Once selected the input and sensor will change to the GL100. If you hit Quit after selecting you will get the screen similar to the two below.

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